Text Analytics for Quant Investing


Kiran Vuppula

Kiran Vuppala, a Vice President in BlackRock’s Aladdin Product Group, is a Senior Quant developer, with over a decade of experience building Quantitative analytics and tools. Kiran has an MBA in finance and an engineering degree in Computer Science. He is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect. Kiran is a big data expert and he is currently heading Blackrock’s Text Analytics Platform.


In this meetup, Kiran Vuppala, a Vice President in the Quantitative Tools team at BlackRock, spoke about how unstructured data which contains critical information related to markets, plays a pivotal role in quantitative investments done at BlackRock. Unstructured data complements the traditional structured data based investment signals. Kiran explained the challenges with Data, NLP and the firm to be considered while implementing a centralized Text Analytics platform. He then discussed some basic aspects of Blackrock’s centralized Text Analytics platform. The intermediate and pre-computed Analytics, now in structured form, are consumed by toolsets and models that were built for structured data. Kiran explained how data along with Infrastructure, including IPython, RStudio, Spark and Hadoop clusters, can be used by researchers to solve common use cases around unstructured and Big Data concepts.