Tachyon: Past, Present & Future Meetup


Haoyuan Li

Haoyuan Li is founder and CEO of Tachyon Nexus. He is a computer science PhD candidate at the AMPLab, UC Berkeley, where he co-created Tachyon. He is also a founding committer of Apache Spark.


Tachyon is a memory-centric fault-tolerant distributed storage system, which enables reliable file sharing at memory-speed. It originated from AMPLab, UC Berkeley in 2012, the same lab that produced Apache Mesos and Apache Spark. Soon it became an open source project and is deployed at many companies. Since then, Tachyon has attracted more than 200 contributors from over 50 institutions. In 2015, company Tachyon Nexus was founded to further accelerate the development of Tachyon.

In this talk, we will review Tachyon’s new features, deployments, and developments in 2015, and look into 2016.


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