SolrCloud Cluster Management


Anshum Gupta

Anshum Gupta is a Lucene/Solr committer and PMC member with over 10 years of experience with search and related technologies. He recently joined the search team at IBM Watson, where he works on stretching the limits and improving SolrCloud, something he has been involved with for a few years now. Prior to this, he was a part of the open source team at Lucidworks and was also the co-creator of AWS CloudSearch – the first search as a service offering by AWS.

Kiran Vuppala

Kiran Vuppala, a Vice President in BlackRock’s Aladdin Product Group, is a Senior Quant developer, with over a decade of experience building Quantitative analytics and tools. Kiran has an MBA in finance and an Engineering degree in Computer Science. He is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, and a BigData expert. He currently heads Blackrock’s Text Analytics Platform.


Apache Solr is widely used by organizations to power their search platforms and often support multiple users. In this meetup, Anshum provided an overview of cluster management APIs that have been introduced over the last few releases, allowing users to manage operations ranging from replica placement to forcing leader elections via API calls.
Kiran demonstrated the features of Solr’s Cluster Management API. He highlighted the ease with which the Cloud can be horizontally scaled to meet the Solr query volumes. He also showed how easy it is to create, manage and delete collections using this API.

At the end of this talk, intermediate Solr users understood what’s available, and when can they avoid direct interference with the system, leading to more stable clusters and lower chances of nodes going down.


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