OpenStack Meetup


Oliver Hewett

Oliver Hewett, Vice President, is a member of the Converged Systems team within the Global Technology Infrastructure division. He is responsible for delivering virtualised platforms within BlackRock.

Oliver’s service with the firm dates back to 2000, including his years at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, with a constant focus on Infrastructure technology. Prior to joining the Converged systems team he has spent time in the Desktop Engineering, Technical Infrastructure and Windows Systems teams.

Mr. Hewett earned a BSc degree in Environmental Science from Queen Mary’s College, University of London.

Christoph Torlinsky

Christoph Torlinsky is a Technical Business Developer at Nuage Networks.

Kenneth Tan

Dr. Kenneth Tan, Sardina Systems


In this talk, hosted at BlackRock on 27th January, 2016 the main focus was OpenStack technology. Oliver Hewitt from BlackRock started the talk by giving us an insight into how to reduce failure in your OpenStack cloud through practical, analytical and modelling methodologies. He discussed some of the challenges with OpenStack and what the right mindset should be, along with the approach to deal with possible OpenStack failures.

He then introduced us to an analysis of 1050 OpenStack Summits videos, which showed that only 1% of them had “failure”/ “high availability” in their titles. Ten of them included “high availability” and none had “failure” in their titles. Another analysis focused on the Help Forum for the OpenStack Community – 16,234 questions and requests for help were analysed to find posts containing the keywords “fail” and “error” and the different trends with them. Finally, he proposed different methods of modelling failure and risk.

Our second speaker, Christoph, introduced us to a Neutron and SDN update. He gave us more information on the Neutron Liberty Release and its new features and presented the details on key themes to look forward to in the Mitaka Neutron release. These included network function virtualization, container networking support, advanced services, better performance and the importance of running OpenStack at scale. Then he touched upon how Nuage uses SDN and Neutron together, while providing an SDN architecture which is designed for scale.

Our last speaker, Kenneth, discussed cloud infrastructure resource management and more specifically, increasing server utilisation to reduce OpEx. He focused on what the major CPU utilization problem is and proposed a standard OpenStack solution – matching utilization to availability.