Hazelcast Common Mistakes and Best Practices


Fuad Malikov

Fuad is the Co-Founder and VP of Technical Operations at Hazelcast.

Ray Tsang

Ray Tsang is a Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform. Ray specialized in middleware, big data and PaaS products during his time at Red Hat, while contributing to open source projects such as Infinispan.


Hazelcast is a popular open source In-Memory Data Grid that is extremely powerful and easy to use. Hazelcast provides many distributed and highly scalable data structures like Map, Queue, Lock and Executor Service. It also has many powerful capabilities like listeners, WAN replication, and query functionality. It is possible to implement applications that are very scalable and capable using this technology. However, power comes with responsibility and misuse can cause degradations in performance and application scalability. In this talk, Fuad highlighted some of the best practices and mistakes to avoid while using Hazelcast.

This event also featured an introduction to the Hazelcast Discover API. The session gave the audience a preview into the Discover Client SPI, and how it can be leveraged to bring Hazelcast to even more cloud platforms!  Ray also discussed the challenges he ran into prior to the SPI when trying to use Hazelcast on Google Compute Engine and Kubernetes.  With the SPI, he highlighted how it is now easy to implement Hazelcast node discovery for many different cloud platforms.