CoreOS Meetup


Richard Harvey

Richard Harvey is a founder of Ngineered Ltd – a managed service and a cloud migration business – and is an Open Source enthusiast. He has an experience in high demand websites, such as Ticketmaster and Channel 4.

Joseph Schorr

Joseph is a lead engineer on, CoreOS.


This meetup, hosted at BlackRock on the 13th January, 2016, covered the use of CoreOS, which is a dedicated Operating System for running containers via Docker/Rocket, in order to build Kubernetes Pods on a cloud infrastructure.

The first speaker, Richard Harvey, spoke about running CoreOS and Kubernetes in a production environment within AWS. He discussed the AWS best practice and integrating with Amazon’s VPC and the use of private subnets, ACL’s and NAT gateways. Then he continued the discussion on how to control ELBs (Elastic Low Balances). Richard finished his talk by outlining potential future improvements.

Security is a very important aspect in any application, so in the second part of the meetup Joseph Schorr discussed in detail how CoreOS secures applications throughout every layer of the stack. CoreOS is a signed and read-only operating system, which makes it resistant to tampering. He explained the automatic updates in CoreOS and how they improve security. Then, Joseph highlighted the problems with traditional packages and how containers can solve them. Joseph works on the Quay team, which is the private container registry. It deals with hosting all of the repositories, building and managing them and the Security Scanning feature, which provides an automated detection of vulnerabilities.