Building a full-fledged web server on Raspberry Pi

Speaker Bio

Kaushik Chaubal

Kaushik Chaubal is a member of the Software Engineering Development team in BlackRock. His team is responsible for delivering, enhancing and maintaining the Aladdin Genie and Symphony to BlackRock and its clients. He likes trying new technologies around distributed computing and avid fan of IoT. Kaushik received his master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and also, holds the IMC certification.

Meetup Summary

Kaushik Chaubal, a member of the Software Engineering Development team at BlackRock provided a walk through on the steps required to build a full-fledged web server from scratch to serve data for a web application from Raspberry Pi. This presentation covered a range of technologies and frameworks like Raspberry Pi, Resin, Docker, Gradle, NanoHTTPD, Angular, Bootstrap to all fit together to make a beautiful web application. It was driven from a presentation but there were some code snippets that Kaushik referred to throughout the talk as well.

This event was particularly useful for people with varied backgrounds in the software engineering development community. For example, for back-end Java developers this session provided a gentle introduction to development on Raspberry Pi, a primer on using front-end technologies like AngularJS and Bootstrap and how to build a Java based web server. For front-end developers, this session helped explore how to spin up a simple web server on an embedded device like the Raspberry Pi. For Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, this session provided another use-case of using the Pi.

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